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Sprinkler installation in gilbert az

Ditch the Watering Can, Embrace Efficient Watering with Happy Trees!

Tired of lugging around heavy watering cans and battling uneven lawn growth? Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to a greener, healthier landscape with Happy Trees Landscaping's expert sprinkler and drip system installation.

Why Choose Sprinkler and Drip Systems?

Watering your lawn shouldn't feel like a chore. Sprinkler and drip systems offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Efficiency: Precise water delivery minimizes waste, saving you water and money.

  • Convenience: Sit back and relax, your lawn gets exactly the water it needs, automatically.

  • Uniformity: Say goodbye to patchy lawns and brown spots. Systems ensure consistent watering for optimal growth.

  • Reduced maintenance: No more dragging hoses or battling sprinklers. Enjoy a hassle-free lawn.

  • Healthier plants: Targeted watering promotes deeper root growth, leading to stronger, more resilient plants.

Sprinkler installation in gilbert az

Happy Trees: Your Mesa Irrigation Experts

At Happy Trees Landscaping, we're passionate about creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes. Our experienced irrigation technicians will design and install the perfect system for your unique needs, considering factors like:

  • Lawn size and shape: We'll ensure every corner of your lawn receives the right amount of water.

  • Plant types and needs: Different plants have different watering requirements. We'll tailor the system accordingly.

  • Soil type and drainage: We'll choose the right sprinkler heads and drip lines for optimal water absorption.

  • Water conservation: We're committed to water efficiency and will recommend systems that minimize waste.

Sprinkler and Drip Options for Every Need:

We offer a wide range of sprinkler and drip systems to suit your budget and preferences:

  • In-ground sprinklers: Discreet and efficient, these systems deliver water directly to the roots.

  • Drip irrigation: Ideal for flower beds and trees, drip systems deliver water directly to the base of plants.

  • Smart irrigation systems: Control your watering remotely with Wi-Fi-enabled controllers and smartphone apps.

Ready to Transform Your Watering Routine?

Contact Happy Trees Landscaping today for a free consultation! We'll assess your needs, design the perfect system, and handle the installation from start to finish. You'll be enjoying a greener, healthier landscape without lifting a finger.

Our Clients Say

Happy tree client in tempe,az
The Good:
They did the job and left the area clean. Price was competitive and the owner responsive quickly via Yelp. Payment easy via QuickBooks.
The Bad:
One very large branch hit the house/roof hard enough that I felt it shudder. No visible damage from the ground, but I can't inspect roof. Crew showed up and started work without any contact or effort made to explain the type of pruning or request my feedback.

Before and After Photos attached, I'm no tree expert so you can be the judge of the quality.

They came back to fix issue with branch over neighbors house, so I updated review to 5 star due to customer care. Updated with 3rd picture as well


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